Will a T3 Line Make Your More Competitive in Your Industry?

If you’re in the transportation industry and invest in more fuel efficient vehicles, will it make you more competitive? That’s the closest comparison we can think of to upgrading to a T3 line. When you get more out of the fuel you buy, your profit margin goes up and you get things done faster because vehicles don’t have to stop as often to gas up. With a T3 line, your data stream moves faster so your employees get more done during the day. Their stops would be the time spent waiting for files to upload and download. With T3, that wait is non-existent….

A T3 line has the capacity to provide 44.736 Mbps of data and voice both upstream and downstream. The T1 operates at 1.544 Megabits per second. You can also order fractional T3 lines, an option for businesses that need internet that is faster than a T1 line but don’t need a full T3. Most of the smaller internet providers offer T1 internet connections, which are a good solution for businesses that utilize significant voice and data applications, but T3 takes you to a whole new level.

Even smaller companies can benefit from faster internet speeds. If you think your system is quick now, visit a company that has a T3 connection. The tasks that take your employees minutes at your office happen almost instantly with the increased capacity. Pick up the phones and listen to the sound quality of the VOIP connection. That static and echo that you hear on your conversations – it’s not there with a T3 broadband connection. The more powerful signal makes a big difference.

Does all of that make you more competitive? If your company relies on information technology to market and sell your products or services the faster speeds allow you to do more. Every download is a few seconds quicker and you can upload larger files. Your employees can stream video, you can hook up large phone networks, and your call center will run more efficiently. All of those factors contribute to your success. You’re doing most of them now; with T3 you’ll be doing them much faster.

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