T3 Service versus Bonded T1 Service

T3 service versus bonded T1 service are leased lines that operate over fiber optic or copper cable. Clients rent or lease the services to connect main offices and other offices that are in different locations for private voice and data networking.

T1 lines have become a popular option with organizations as they are both reliable and cost effective and they provide a higher quality of bandwidth versus cable or DSL. The service is offered with a Service Level Agreement and QOS and outages are aimed to be attended to within a couple of hours. On the other hand, cable and DSL outages can last days and possibly weeks. This option usually starts around the 1.54Mbps for a single T1 and multiple T1s can be bonded up to15Mbps.

If you’re looking for cheaper internet pricing, this is the option for you. Rent starts around just $250 per month. Thus, T1 circuits are a great option if you’re looking to save money and requiring a reliable data connection for maximum uptime. T1s comes with 24 voice channels that can be used for either voice or data or even both. Using one telecom provider for your phone and data bills will save time and money, not to mention hassle.

T3 lines commonly utilize around 45Mbps of the total network bandwidth. They are typically used for long distance traffic as well as building the core of a business’s network at their main premises. Candidate for this type of service include organizations with a high internet usage, web hosting providers and content delivery networks. For such businesses, this is the cheaper option and much more reliable than wireless. Like T1 lines, T3s also come with a QOS guarantee and outages are responded to immediately if you pick the right telecom provider. The lines are around 30 times faster and run at 45Mps. If business ethernet is not available in your area, a T3 line is your next best option.

Pricing of T3 lines has actually dropped considerably over recent years and lines now start at around $1000 a month. Thanks to quite a bit of competition popping up in some cities, the prices have reduced greatly.

Pricing for bonded T1 and T3 services is actually expected to stabilize owing to planned telecom’s mergers in the broadband marketplace.  Either option will achieve adequate network bandwidth for your company, it is simply a fact of accessing your requirements and choosing T3 service versus bonded T1 service.

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