T3 Internet Providers For Business Bandwidth

A T1 line is sufficient for most SMBs since it provides high-speed internet service, equal bandwidth for both upstream and downstream data transfer, and guaranteed service. T1 lines are cost effective since they use infrastructure that already exists. However, some organizations may require high-volume network traffic and data transfer for applications such as real-time video streaming and simultaneous internet connects or voice calls.

T1 lines would not be the best solution for such applications since they only support up to 24 simultaneous calls or connects. On the other hand, a T3 line can support up to 672 simultaneous calls or connects, thus making it an ideal upgrade to the T1. T3 lines are ideal for large organizations, which are interested in building networks for connecting all offices together, but have no existing Ethernet infrastructure to enable them do so.

How to select the best T3 Internet Providers for Business Bandwidth…

Finding the ideal T3 service providers might prove challenging, owing to the large number of providers including Megapath, XO, and AT&T that are available in the market. Having a variety of providers is beneficial since it offers you an opportunity to select one that can adequately meet the needs of your business. Some of the important factors that you should consider are as below.

  • Cost: Compared to the T1 lines, the T3 lines are relatively costly. Fortunately, the various T3 internet providers offer comprehensive pricing plans for their services to ensure that you only pay for the services that your business requires at any particular time
  • Reliability: The T3 service provider that you select must be able to provide you with reliable services. Service providers that can guarantee minimal downtime usually offer money back or refunds for any downtime experienced.
  • Flexibility: Ideal T3 internet providers are able to offer flexible packages, with regard to the speed, bandwidth, and pricing plans. As such, you will be able to enjoy services that are tailored to meet your specific business requirements. In addition, you will benefit from continuity of service since the services can be expanded, as your business grows.

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