Remember to Check for Ethernet Access when Renting New Office Space

If you go back in time a few years, one of the items on your checklist for new office space would be the existence of telephone jacks. RJ-11’s were needed for your basic needs. RJ-14’s might be necessary if you had a multi-line phone system. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, that was considered advanced technology. Today, it is so last century. If you don’t have data lines and Ethernet access, you will be sitting in an empty space running a company that can’t possibly make a profit in the information age. That fact changes the office renting checklist significantly.

Pretty much all newer office buildings and commercial spaces come with installed data lines and ports. You can see them clearly on the walls the same way that you could once see telephone jacks. The ports are most likely connected to T-1 lines, but in some cases you’ll see T-3. If you’re running a basic network of PC’s with database, spreadsheet, and word processor software, T-1 connections should give you all the speed you need. Ask the property manager or owner before renting what the data lines set-up is.

If you run a business that relies heavily on internet research or streaming video feeds, you might want to look into a T-3 broadband connection. What’s the difference? Installing T-3 lines will give you the ability to handle anything the web has to offer right now and much of what is still in the developmental stages. As computer and software technology improves, the visuals you will see on the web will be far more complex, maybe even three dimensional in some cases. You’ll need to have the data lines that can handle that if you want your company to grow and thrive in the next decade.

Older buildings may not have Ethernet access ports. If you don’t see them, use our quote form to find out what installation will cost you and who your local service provider is. In some cases, putting new data lines in may be cost prohibitive, particularly if you’re only planning on renting for a short period of time until you can upgrade. You might be better off just making the move to a more modern office right away and upgrading their existing T-1’s to T-3’s. You can price both options right here and weigh the costs against each other before making a final rental decision.

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