Point to Point Broadband Business Advantages

Would your company benefit from a point to point broadband circuit to link your offices and transfer data, voice, and video between them?

A business point to point line, also known as a dedicated private line, is a telecom circuit that normally runs from office to office. These lines provide direct, secure connectivity and are used to transfer data, voice, and video from a main office to an offsite data center colocation location. Point to point services also include point to point T1, point to point T3, OC point to point, and ethernet point to point.

Business point to point circuits are ideal for your business as they enable secure data transmissions. They also provide you with dedicated connections between two independent computer networks, to the internet and to any public switched data networks.

Point to point circuits can provide your business with a wide range of business advantages. Point to point circuits’ benefits include:

  • speed of installation
  • overall lower pricing with a monthly pricing schedule based on your capacity
  • choice of bandwidth speeds, often ranging from 1.54Mbps to 1000Mbps
  • constant connections when data is transmitted
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) geared to your business
  • fast, secure, and reliable transmissions for your data, voice, and video applications
  • lower network congestion
  • reduced latency
  • cost-effectiveness
  • flexibility in point to point bandwidth speeds
  • faster performance due to next-generation network and high speed connectivity
  • enhanced security for critical company information with lines inaccessible to other parties not specified by the secured networks

If business point to point circuits are for your business, do your homework. Decide on what your business’ configurations should be. Determine your required bandwidth and speed as well. Choose a provider that has a verifiable track record that includes feedback from clients and excellent customer service. The provider should also have large bandwidth and high speed capabilities that cater to all of their customers.

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