Top 5 tips to Finding International MPLS Providers

The so-called Multi-Protocol Label Switching or MPLS refers to a kind of network created to mobilize traffic for numerous subscribers combined with security and class of service within a country.  International MPLS providers are network services that are spread out across the world.  Their service delivery includes essential network features like bandwidth, packet loss, jitter and latency.

What benefits international MPLS network services provide… Continue reading

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MPLS Pricing Options: Ethernet, T3, T1 and DSL

In the technology field, MPLS stands for Mulitprotocol Label Switching. It works by giving network operators the flexibility they need to direct Internet traffic away from links that do not work. MPLS also allows the network operator to reroute traffic around bottlenecks and away from any congestion. You have several mpls pricing options for this service, depending on whether you choose to use an Ethernet, T3, T1 or DSL connection. Continue reading

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Top 5 Benefits of an MPLS Network

Wide Area Networks (WAN) can be implemented using a variety of technologies, namely MPLS, P2P, VPN over Broadband and VSAT, among others. Multi-Protocol Label Switching or MPLS is a technology that works by appending labels to packets, which in turn make data forwarding decisions. MPLS has over the years, become the preferred choice, especially for SMBs, due to the many benefits of MPLS network services. Some of the benefits are as below. Continue reading

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6 Tips On Finding The Best MPLS Service Providers

MPLS is a data transport system which is starting to rapidly replace other systems, such as ATM, and which forwards packets of data to any network protocol. It provides fast packet forwarding for IP routers and it is being deployed more quickly because of the scalability it allows. It simplifies and improves IP packet exchanges. Furthermore, it provides more flexibility in a network to route data around failures in links and blockages. Continue reading

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How to find the best MPLS Pricing for your Business

The challenge with finding reasonable MPLS pricing is built around some difficult telecommunications industry practices:

  • Relatively small number of MPLS vendors that are available
  • Habits of many businesses to be risk averse and “stick with what and who they know”
  • MPLS vendors pay based on what the market will absorb, not around competitive pressures or cost-based pricing models

With these practices, businesses often feel “stuck” with MPLS pricing that seems far too expensive for the services provided… Continue reading

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How Metro Ethernet Can Save Your Business Money

Metro Ethernet is a great technology to consider when looking to improve your networking and internet capabilities in your organization. As the term suggest, Metro Ethernet is designed for use in metropolitan areas where the benefits of companies and public organizations benefit from being clustered together are high.

Metro Ethernet can save your business money if certain considerations are taken into account. The key factors in determining how Metro Ethernet pricing can bring your costs down are as follows…. Continue reading

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Advantages of Ethernet Business Services

Ethernet systems are indispensable. The local area network (LAN) technology, whether cable-based or wireless, offers high transmission rates of up to 10 megabits per second (Mbps). When business deadlines and crucial tasks need to be completed quickly, the efficient delivery of Ethernet business services is a must… Continue reading

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Finding Ethernet Internet Providers

In today’s business world filled with cloud computing, smartphones and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), many savvy IT professionals have come to see how important Ethernet is to the success of a company’s network. If you are one such IT professional, finding the right Ethernet Internet providers should be one of your top priorities.

Ethernet Internet providers aren’t hard to find as more and more telecommunications companies know the importance in today’s digital world of giving potential clients like you the power to access any data or application you need—from anywhere, any device, and at any time…. Continue reading

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Will a T3 Line Make Your More Competitive in Your Industry?

If you’re in the transportation industry and invest in more fuel efficient vehicles, will it make you more competitive? That’s the closest comparison we can think of to upgrading to a T3 line. When you get more out of the fuel you buy, your profit margin goes up and you get things done faster because vehicles don’t have to stop as often to gas up. With a T3 line, your data stream moves faster so your employees get more done during the day. Their stops would be the time spent waiting for files to upload and download. With T3, that wait is non-existent…. Continue reading

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Internet Pricing is Based on Speed and Network Availability

Many have asked the questions. “Why are some internet services more expensive than others? They’re all basically the same, aren’t they?” That’s not exactly true. There are basic similarities between companies, but they are definitely not all the same. Internet pricing is based on speed and network availability. The company that offers the faster speeds will charge you more. Most ISPs today actually offer choices. Verizon, for instance, with their FIOS broadband service, can offer different levels of speed depending on what your needs are…. Continue reading

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