MPLS Network Providers in the United States

MPLS, or multi-protocol label switching, is a service offered throughout the United States that makes a network’s traffic flow faster than it would be otherwise. If you are looking to purchase MPLS services, there are a number of providers out there for you to choose from. Some of the MPLS network providers available in the U.S. are….

  • Cbeyond
  • Celario
  • Covad
  • Easton Telecom Services
  • First Communications
  • Global Crossing
  • HughesNet
  • MegaPath
  • PowerNet Global
  • USA Digital Communication
  • Bandtel
  • Brighthouse

MegaPath can provide your company with solutions for a site-to-site MPLS VPN. This allows you to combine all your business’s applications onto one network, which remains private. You can receive as many as five Classes of Services, a wide variety of access technologies and built-in security as well.

Global Crossing offers a VPN service that helps you concentrate on your business objectives, as opposed to your network management. This company provides your business with network solutions that are versatile enough to be applied to any business in the U.S. You will receive several access options, a higher level of security and connectivity that is scalable. Global Crossings is known in the business world as the best MPLS provider.

This is only a short list of MPLS network providers. Most major cable companies across the country also offer this service. MPLS service offers many benefits compared to traditional connection methods via the Internet. MPLS service lets your business run a more efficient network. It cuts down on the bottlenecking and congestion that often occurs when you are running a network and also allows your business to save money. An MPLS connection in your office will cut down on the amount of hardware needed to run your network. It will be especially beneficial if your business has offices all over the United States because most businesses now use an MPLS connection to set up internetworking. If you use MPLS in your business, your network will be able to adapt better to advancements in technology.

An MPLS network will help improve your business’s infrastructure by allowing better quality of service, or QOS.  If security is a big concern for your company, you will benefit from using an MPLS network because your voice and data services will be more secure than they would be without it. An MPLS VPN network will allow you to easily run many services at once, such as multimedia applications and VOIP.

MPLS is an effective way to run your business successfully and increase proficiency and speed.

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