Los Angeles T3 Lines are worth the Investment

Los Angeles is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the world. It’s been that way for decades and will most likely stay that way as long as the business community continues to utilize cutting edge technology to expand and cultivate new markets. The world has become a smaller place, one where communication is the number one priority for any business interested in long term success. That communication today comes from the internet. Everyone has access to it, so it’s not a matter of being able to use it to compete; it’s the speed with which you can do it that counts most.

That’s why Los Angeles T3 lines are a good investment. The broadband speeds that you get from T3 technology are much faster than that which is available from a basic T1 line. A T3 is actually twenty-one T-3 lines wrapped together to give you a capacity of 44.736 Mbps for both uploads and downloads. For those not familiar with the terminology, Mbps stands for megabits per second and T1 lines only have the capacity for 1.544 of them. That should give you some idea of how much better your system will perform.

T3 lines are more than just an increase in your network capacity. They are an investment that will raise productivity and increase profits. New York, Boston, and Chicago T3 lines have made companies in those cities more competitive on a global scale. It’s happening here in Los Angeles also, a metropolis considered far more cosmopolitan and diverse than any other. There’s an international population in the City of Angels that is able to reach out to every corner of the world now, in dozens of different languages.

There is another advantage to investing in T3 lines that you won’t see listed in any sales pamphlets or information booklets about the product. Increasing the speed of your internet access and working ability will improve morale and make your company a more attractive place to be employed. Studies have shown that most administrators and higher level executives count the quality of technology in a company as one of their top priorities when looking for a new position. If you want to recruit the best in your business, you need to be able to offer them the best tools. T3 is one of those tools.

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