Is your T1 internet connection now obsolete?

With all the hype about T3, many people are wondering whether or not their T1 internet connection is now obsolete. If you’re a homeowner or residential tenant, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Your T1 connection will give you everything you need in cable, internet, and VOIP phone service. Technology is advancing, but the capacity of a T1 is more than enough to handle anything new that’s coming out now or any time in the near future. Unless you plan on building a call center or IT support network in your basement, you’ll be fine.

Commercial users, on the other hand, might want to look into having T3 installed to prepare for what’s coming next and to increase the speed and efficiency of current systems. It’s not a requirement; T1 will still handle any type of standard data stream and access for any small to medium sized business. For larger companies, if you have over one hundred employees, you have probably already looked into having T3 broadband installed. Large networks that worked fine up until just a few years ago are now experiencing problems handling the new images and streaming video on the internet.

What’s the difference? A T1 line has the capacity to handle 1.544 Mbps (Megabits per second) of data going upstream or downstream (upload or download). A T3 internet connection is basically twenty-one T1 lines combined together, a total capacity of 44.736 Mbps. That’s a significant difference in capacity and speed. If you’re running a large network on T1 and make the switch to T3 you’ll see dramatic improvement in the time needed to perform more complicated tasks.

How will all of this affect your business? Faster is better. That’s been a standard for internet technology since the day it was first introduced. The faster you can finish projects online, the more tasks you can complete during the course of a day. In today’s fast-paced world that means a lot. You’ll move a step ahead of your competitors when you improve the speed of your network and you’ll open up new opportunities for research and development. To answer the question in the title, no, your T1 is not obsolete, but it’s slowing you down. Upgrade now and you’ll notice the difference.

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