Is there a significant difference between T1 and T3 Broadband?

With the rapid advancement of broadband technology it’s easy to get lost in all of the anagrams and definitions. If you’re a small business owner, all you really want to know is whether or not the connection you have will handle the volume of data you need to download and upload onto the internet. In most cases, that connection will be a T1 line, capable of transmitting 1.544 Megabits per second, more than enough for an office of roughly twenty employees using internet basic functions like email and social network platforms. It’s also adequate for VOIP.

If you have more than that going on or if you want faster speeds with what is happening in your office, consider upgrading to T3 broadband. A T3 is actually a group of twenty-one T1 lines wrapped together to give you a total upstream and downstream data flow of 44.736 Mbps, enough to run an office of several hundred efficiently or to make a small office blazing fast. Whenever an internet provider talks about supplying a “broadband” signal, T3 lines are recommended for best results.

When T1 lines were first introduced to the private sector, it was said that they could easily provide fast internet speeds to offices that employed anywhere from one to over two hundred computer operators. Of course, the database systems, software, and loading requirements were very different back then. Today, with streaming video and 64 bit systems, a T1 is fine for a small office, but if you want competitive performance out of your network you’ll need to install a T3.

Does all of that make sense to you? Non-technical folks might still be a bit confused by all of this. Won’t the industry just come out with something even faster in the near future? It’s a good question, one that we can most likely answer yes to. The IT communications industry is always coming up with new improvements to make business more efficient. The T3 line is one of those. It’s not just three times faster than T1 lines; it’s more than twenty times faster. Does that answer your question?

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