How Metro Ethernet Can Save Your Business Money

Metro Ethernet is a great technology to consider when looking to improve your networking and internet capabilities in your organization. As the term suggest, Metro Ethernet is designed for use in metropolitan areas where the benefits of companies and public organizations benefit from being clustered together are high.

Metro Ethernet can save your business money if certain considerations are taken into account. The key factors in determining how Metro Ethernet pricing can bring your costs down are as follows….

  1. Your location – Your business needs to be in a metropolitan area. It sounds obvious but if your business is in a small rural town, then you are not likely to benefit from lower pricing. The Metro Ethernet providers benefit from economies of scale when they supply businesses in densely populated areas which impacts the price you will pay for the service.
  2. Proximity to the Metro Ethernet provider – If your business is located close to the central office of the telecom provider then you are likely to pay less. Even better is if you have a number of providers for your location because you will benefit from increased competition for your business.
  3. Your existing infrastructure – It’s likely that your existing networking and internet infrastructure uses Ethernet already. If so, your will benefit from better metro ethernet pricing because you can use your existing equipment. In addition, there’s no need to put your staff through expensive training courses to learn new technology when they can use their existing skills and technology.
  4. Improved performance – Assuming that you are saying ‘Yes’ to all of the above points, the next factor which will help you save your business money with metro ethernet is the improved performance you will get through higher bandwidths. Metro ethernet can deliver ‘Fast Ethernet’ and ‘Gigabit Ethernet’ which will provide you faster data speeds into and around your business which could provide you with a competitive edge if your business needs to work more efficiently.

Metro Ethernet really can provide your business savings over and above what you may already receive from T1 and T3 services. If you are located in the right place, such as major city, you can gain from competitive metro ethernet pricing. It’s worth doing some research to see who can provide you with the best deal for the service so you can see just how much you can save.

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