Global MPLS Advantages

MPLS was first introduced at the end of the 1990s and has been sweeping across the nation and internationally ever since. Global MPLS is the intelligent choice for you to use when you have multiple locations – either across the country, or across the globe.

Advantages of Global MPLS….

Higher Security

Because this is a technology that transfers the electronic traffic, either data or voice, through a private network, your information is much more secure than simply sending it over the internet, where it can be captured and possibly corrupted by viruses or thieves. The information is more secure because it is a closed network.

Faster Processing Speeds

The data is sent by labels in a global MPLS, through a series of checkpoints, which prioritize: where the information is going, which bundles are to be handled first, and allows for a transfer on a more direct pathway. In this way, those portions which need to be sent more quickly, such as voice applications, are handled first. The data then follows suit. You will find that even at your most busy time of day, the data and voice transfers are much more efficient than traditional routes.

Saving Money

A global MPLS improves efficiency, it has been proven. Because the global MPLS connects together the various locations you have, it reduces how much hardware you will require to actually get more done in less time.

Saving Your Reputation

As stated earlier, the system is more secure. This allows sensitive information to be sent without worry of a hacker gaining access to it. No more time will be spent on worries of security and having to spend endless hours tracking down system leaks and explaining to clients how their information was acquired through unauthorized means.


This MPLS service is more versatile than the standard technology. You are able set up network backups, stream, and even use cloud technology without adding more hardware to support it. You can also more easily add applications, such as remote VPNs, employ voice calls between offices, and support intranets.

An Excellent Choice Overall

Global MPLS is not only the best way to keep up with the times, but also to have an advantage over your competitors. With this system watching over your data, improving your efficiency and reducing your costs, you are able to spend more time on what is important to you – running your business.

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