Comcast Metro Ethernet Services

Small and medium business ventures need reliable and inexpensive computing and data transfer technology to be competitive in today’s hard economy. Choosing and putting the best services in place is essential. There are so many variables, options, protocols and costs to consider. Each one will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Online business and communication isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. From a small office, single location LAN to a company with multiple offices separated by long distances, quick, efficient and secure data transfer is a must.

With the complexity, bandwidth and performance demand issues on current computer equipment, SMB’s need to find the right solution for their particular business needs. There are services that offer help in finding those solutions.

Comcast Metro Ethernet is one of those solutions. Their Business Class with data, voice and internet for Enterprise features flexible scalability, enhanced fiber network, affordable data plans and excellent local and national support on an expanding network that currently covers more than 145,000 miles and 25 states.

Comcast Metro Enterprise Services include…

  • Ethernet Dedicated Internet (fiber optic) with custom speeds, virtual connections and point of presence routers.
  • Enterprise Internet, with boosted speeds up to 50/10 Mbps featuring high security tools and reliable support.
  • Enterprise Voice services (Business VoiceEdge) with advanced calling features to save time and money.
  • Teleworker, with fast speeds, easy to use web-based interface, simplified flexible billing options.
  • Cell backhaul to handle increased cell and mobile technology bandwidth demands.

The advantages of utilizing Comcast Metro Ethernet are numerous, including increased productivity, reduced operating costs, increased efficiency, better security and reliability, in a high speed network with expert support. In the business world, these advantages often far outweigh any disadvantages that might occur.

Potential disadvantages include high initial installation costs, especially in an area not already lit; testing and maintenance equipment is also fairly expensive. It can also be tricky to track down causes or sources of latency issues in a multi-location network with multiple hubs. Other technical issues may occur and can sometimes be complex to eliminate, however technology is evolving and minimizing these.

When looking for a metro ethernet service, make sure you check with both local and national telecom providers in your area.

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