Carrier Ethernet – 5 Business Advantages

What is Carrier Ethernet?

Carrier Ethernet is a type of carrier-class services used by network service providers. It spreads the Ethernet from the Local Area Network (LAN) over to the Wide Area Network (WAN) and in so doing, allows organizations to join their Ethernet LANS to their service providers through the same interface that they use to attach every single device in the network. It essentially provides a LAN service that bridges the LANS from separate locations together to create one network. Service providers can manage the network remotely meaning that bigger interfaces can be arranged in a shorter amount of time and costs can be minimized.

Carrier Ethernet are actually extensions to Ethernet that allow network providers the ability to provide Ethernet services to customers. Ethernet is a group of networking technologies used for LANs and in today’s times consist mainly of optical fibre, copper and wireless physical media. Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are widely deployed in servers and PC’s and 10 gigabytes are used on LAN’s.

Typically with the service you can enjoy highly reliable end to end packet transport. MPLS leadership enables a single control panel and a complete multimedia server experience can be delivered at any time to any location and to any internet enabled device.

Top 5 advantages of Carrier Ethernet for business…

1)       Bigger Pipes are better –On net service providers can install fibre cable of up to 10 Gbps Ethernet even if you use less in your business. So when you need more capacity, you do not have to worry about running more cables.

2)       Scalable – Adding more capacity is a simple as making a phone call and requesting additional bandwidth. Service requests are typically completed within a week – a much shorter time frame than traditional T1 and T3 services which can take up to 90 days. Typical carrier ethernet increments are 5Mbps, 10 Mbps, 100 Mpbs or 1 Gbps.

3)       Faster - Carrier Ethernet offers a considerably faster service than dsl, cable, T1 or T3 circuits.

4)       Cheaper – Ethernet service is more cost effective than traditional circuits. In many metro markets, clients can get 100Mbps ethernet for the price of T3 (45Mbps) circuit.

5)       Reliable – The service is better suited for IP traffic as it allows for more dynamic and flexible bandwidth allocation in increments.

If you want cost effective, reliable and on demand bandwidth for your business, then carrier ethernet is the right solution for you.

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