Business Ethernet Pricing Options

Business ethernet is a type of Internet access plan created with the technology needed to handle larger networks and multiple workstations that require consistent, fast connectivity. Companies who invest in an ethernet plan often need to build up an existing local area network or even create a wide area network if they have more than one office location. Modern enterprise-level ethernet technology entails using coaxial cables with a bonded copper structure, which can allow fast connection speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second. Business Ethernet pricing options are plentiful and readily available from most major tier 1 telecom carrier.

Average Business Ethernet Pricing…

Pricing plans for business ethernet can depend on both the carrier and the bandwidth a company  chooses. More bandwidth capacity is designated with dimensions such as “2×2″ or “3×3,” and these types usually sell for a fee of between $200 and $300 a month from major voice and data providers. Business ethernet also incurs a monthly fee based on bandwidth use, and most carriers calculate this charge by a fixed price per megabyte used. Business metro ethernet is ethernet technology used in metro areas. Companies can use metro ethernet to connect to the public internet and to connect multi office locations on one network. Business metro ethernet pricing starts at about $500 a month for a 10Mbps connection in most major metro areas of the United States.

Telecom Providers for Business Ethernet

A couple of well-known carriers include Comcast and Cox Cable, both of which offer a wide range of voice and data plans in addition to business ethernet. These larger providers have some of the most cost-effective plans, although they can include contracts that are difficult to break if a company’s technical needs change at some point in the future. Smaller-scale voice and data providers such as MegaPath are also worth contacting for a business ethernet pricing quote.  Some of these carriers offer sliding-scale charges or discounted monthly prices for certain bandwidth capacities.

Using a business ethernet connection is an excellent way for both small and large businesses to have high-speed Internet access for reasonable prices. Most providers offer flexibility in terms of bandwidth and are able to tailor this technology to different company needs. These can include the number of employees and office locations as well as the need for a local or wide area network.

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