AT&T Metro Ethernet – Top 3 Alternatives

Metro ethernet provides high speed and dependable internet connections for small and large businesses needing to connect multiple locations internal networks.

AT&T Metro Ethernet is one of the largest providers, providing layer 3 VPNs and multi-point network configurations, starting at $ 470 a month for 10 Mbps basic, and scaling to a full 1 gbps.

Below are 3 alternatives to AT&T Metro Ethernet…

1) Comcast Business

Comcast has only been in the commercial metro Ethernet business for a few years, but has shown that it has a very reliable service and high speed service and at very cost-effective monthly pricing. Comcast provides Ethernet Private Line Service, which provides a dedicated connection between multiple sites while maintaining a private network, as well as allowing bandwidth tailoring and specific flexibility in performance and cost, as well as Dedicated Internet Access which provides a continuous connection to the public internet. Comcast is more limited in coverage, primarily in large cities, but more markets are being launched regularly. Comcast metro ethernet pricing is very competitive compared to AT&T metro ethernet is typically 20-30% more cost-effective.

2) Verizon

Verizon has typically aimed it’s Metro Ethernet services primarily large enterprises, schools and other education institutions, with speeds at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gigabit, as well as with incremental options for scalability. They have been recognized more than once as providing superior service to their customers, and provide service both in the US and internationally. One perk is an ability to maintain a single service provider for a number of services, similar to AT&T in that regard. A typical connection from Verizon runs at a minimum of $500 for a 5 Mbps connection, while providing superior customer service.

3) Megapath

Megapath differs from the previous providers in that their primary service typically caters to small  and medium size business, rather than a large consumer base. Megapath provides all of the general services, as well as a nationwide coverage and comparable service, uptime, and SLA’s, with a much lower price, starting around $259 a month. Going with Megapath is a great choice for a stronger guarantee of uptime than some of the larger providers, as well as high scalability for your businesses size.

When it comes to making your decision, there are many factors to consider. Discuss some of the pricing options with the different service providers, determine your needs, and weigh out the cost and service and uptime guarantees while making your decision. Many companies offer lower prices for longer contracts, but beware because metro ethernet pricing has come down quite significantly over the last few years and will probably keep going down with added local and national competition.

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