Comcast Metro Ethernet Services

Small and medium business ventures need reliable and inexpensive computing and data transfer technology to be competitive in today’s hard economy. Choosing and putting the best services in place is essential. There are so many variables, options, protocols and costs to consider. Each one will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Online business and communication isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. From a small office, single location LAN to a company with multiple offices separated by long distances, quick, efficient and secure data transfer is a must.

With the complexity, bandwidth and performance demand issues on current computer equipment, SMB’s need to find the right solution for their particular business needs. There are services that offer help in finding those solutions.

Comcast Metro Ethernet is one of those solutions. Their Business Class with data, voice and internet for Enterprise features flexible scalability, enhanced fiber network, affordable data plans and excellent local and national support on an expanding network that currently covers more than 145,000 miles and 25 states.

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AT&T Metro Ethernet – Top 3 Alternatives

Metro ethernet provides high speed and dependable internet connections for small and large businesses needing to connect multiple locations internal networks.

AT&T Metro Ethernet is one of the largest providers, providing layer 3 VPNs and multi-point network configurations, starting at $ 470 a month for 10 Mbps basic, and scaling to a full 1 gbps.

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Carrier Ethernet – 5 Business Advantages

What is Carrier Ethernet?

Carrier Ethernet is a type of carrier-class services used by network service providers. It spreads the Ethernet from the Local Area Network (LAN) over to the Wide Area Network (WAN) and in so doing, allows organizations to join their Ethernet LANS to their service providers through the same interface that they use to attach every single device in the network. It essentially provides a LAN service that bridges the LANS from separate locations together to create one network. Service providers can manage the network remotely meaning that bigger interfaces can be arranged in a shorter amount of time and costs can be minimized.

Carrier Ethernet are actually extensions to Ethernet that allow network providers the ability to provide Ethernet services to customers. Ethernet is a group of networking technologies used for LANs and in today’s times consist mainly of optical fibre, copper and wireless physical media. Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are widely deployed in servers and PC’s and 10 gigabytes are used on LAN’s.

Typically with the service you can enjoy highly reliable end to end packet transport. MPLS leadership enables a single control panel and a complete multimedia server experience can be delivered at any time to any location and to any internet enabled device.

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T3 Internet Providers For Business Bandwidth

A T1 line is sufficient for most SMBs since it provides high-speed internet service, equal bandwidth for both upstream and downstream data transfer, and guaranteed service. T1 lines are cost effective since they use infrastructure that already exists. However, some organizations may require high-volume network traffic and data transfer for applications such as real-time video streaming and simultaneous internet connects or voice calls.

T1 lines would not be the best solution for such applications since they only support up to 24 simultaneous calls or connects. On the other hand, a T3 line can support up to 672 simultaneous calls or connects, thus making it an ideal upgrade to the T1. T3 lines are ideal for large organizations, which are interested in building networks for connecting all offices together, but have no existing Ethernet infrastructure to enable them do so.

How to select the best T3 Internet Providers for Business Bandwidth…

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T3 Service versus Bonded T1 Service

T3 service versus bonded T1 service are leased lines that operate over fiber optic or copper cable. Clients rent or lease the services to connect main offices and other offices that are in different locations for private voice and data networking.

T1 lines have become a popular option with organizations as they are both reliable and cost effective and they provide a higher quality of bandwidth versus cable or DSL. The service is offered with a Service Level Agreement and QOS and outages are aimed to be attended to within a couple of hours. On the other hand, cable and DSL outages can last days and possibly weeks. This option usually starts around the 1.54Mbps for a single T1 and multiple T1s can be bonded up to15Mbps.

If you’re looking for cheaper internet pricing, this is the option for you. Rent starts around just $250 per month. Thus, T1 circuits are a great option if you’re looking to save money and requiring a reliable data connection for maximum uptime. T1s comes with 24 voice channels that can be used for either voice or data or even both. Using one telecom provider for your phone and data bills will save time and money, not to mention hassle.

T3 lines commonly utilize around 45Mbps of the total network bandwidth. They are typically used for long distance traffic as well as building the core of a business’s network at their main premises. Candidate for this type of service include organizations with a high internet usage, web hosting providers and content delivery networks. For such businesses, this is the cheaper option and much more reliable than wireless. Like T1 lines, T3s also come with a QOS guarantee and outages are responded to immediately if you pick the right telecom provider. The lines are around 30 times faster and run at 45Mps. If business ethernet is not available in your area, a T3 line is your next best option.

Pricing of T3 lines has actually dropped considerably over recent years and lines now start at around $1000 a month. Thanks to quite a bit of competition popping up in some cities, the prices have reduced greatly.

Pricing for bonded T1 and T3 services is actually expected to stabilize owing to planned telecom’s mergers in the broadband marketplace.  Either option will achieve adequate network bandwidth for your company, it is simply a fact of accessing your requirements and choosing T3 service versus bonded T1 service.

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Business Ethernet Pricing Options

Business ethernet is a type of Internet access plan created with the technology needed to handle larger networks and multiple workstations that require consistent, fast connectivity. Companies who invest in an ethernet plan often need to build up an existing local area network or even create a wide area network if they have more than one office location. Modern enterprise-level ethernet technology entails using coaxial cables with a bonded copper structure, which can allow fast connection speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second. Business Ethernet pricing options are plentiful and readily available from most major tier 1 telecom carrier.

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Global MPLS Advantages

MPLS was first introduced at the end of the 1990s and has been sweeping across the nation and internationally ever since. Global MPLS is the intelligent choice for you to use when you have multiple locations – either across the country, or across the globe.

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Tips to Finding the Best MPLS Cost Providers

Technology is fast becoming the Swiss army knife for businesses. One useful technology is Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). In simple terms, this is a technology for delivering network packets very fast. In most cases, the delivery happens over multiple protocols such as Asynchronous Transport Mode (ATM) and Internet Protocol (IP). MPLS has made it easy for businesses to use existing wide area networks (WANs) as the backbone for end-to-end circuitry. In order to determine MPLS cost and choose the best service provider, take into account the following factors…. Continue reading

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Point to Point Broadband Business Advantages

Would your company benefit from a point to point broadband circuit to link your offices and transfer data, voice, and video between them? Continue reading

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MPLS Network Providers in the United States

MPLS, or multi-protocol label switching, is a service offered throughout the United States that makes a network’s traffic flow faster than it would be otherwise. If you are looking to purchase MPLS services, there are a number of providers out there for you to choose from. Some of the MPLS network providers available in the U.S. are…. Continue reading

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